Running a downtown pawn shop isn't a thing for pussies. Literally. We have opened our doors just a few weeks ago and we managed to record so many actions it's crazy. On daily basis we deal with thieves, desperates, geeks, rip-off artists and all other scammers you can imagine. The thing is we can spot these things right away and spin any deal the way we want. And what do we want? Of course to have our dicks sucked! Without any other introductions we reffer you to the wild footage below.

New Series - Latin Leche! February 2018

Desperate Enough To Suck A Proper Dick! May 2015

Tough Looking Biker Sucking My Dick! May 2015

Our Way Of Doing Over The Counter Kind of Biz!

Fitness Trainer Gets Our Workout Routine

Fucked The Lost Job Frustration Out Of Him!

This Is His Revenge For Bride-To-Be Cheating With Best Man

Recruitment Training Course

Jewelry To Bail Out His Girlfriend

Lesson Learned. You Don't Steal From Us!

This Is Not How You Start Your College

Military Guy Takes A Hard Lesson

This Is How Much Your Shitty Bike Is Worth!

You Will Surf Our Dicks!