This one is good. So, this white-collar enters my pawn shop all frustrated and pissed off only to offer me all he managed to take from his office job. He got fired and it was like he wanted to blame me. Fuck logic, right? So his 'for sell' list consists of some ancient PC, monitor, laptop and even an office plant ha ha. First, I told him to calm down and start all over but his Latin accent wasn't helpful, I guess I only understood 50/50 of what he was trying to say. I offered him a quick back massage to relax and do some business with all the junk he had. And you must know by now that massage is just step away for furious gay sex if you are in my pawn. Flashing some money made him ready for whatever and he really was, he butt-fucked me, I fucked him. Quality bang you could say. But well, that doesn't mean I didn't rush him out after we were done!

Fucked The Lost Job Frustration Out Of Him!